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Clara Blinn Battle of the Washita

Clara Blinn Battle of the Washita

A new revision of the Clara Blinn sign has been made and will be put up at the Strong City, Oklahoma sometime in December. We revised the design in order to put in more valuable information on the location where she was killed at. Her and her son were not killed in Black Kettle’s Camp as some books indicate. If this had been the case Custer would have recovered the bodies on the day of the battle and not two weeks later. She was found in the Kiowa camp by the 19th Kansas volunteer Cavalry on December 11, 1868. And as the sign reads there were two white women captives in the second Cheyenne camp located downstream from the Kiowa Camp. Custer’s Camp of December 11, 1868 was located between the Kiowa Camp and the Second Cheyenne camp. No other book written on the Battle of the Washita will tell you that their were two white women captives in the second Cheyenne Camp except the Book entitled “A Fate Worse Than Death.

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