Canyon Diablo Train Robbery

Above is a prison record sheet for The Canyon Diablo Train Robber John H. (Jack) Smith. Compiled when Smith entered the Arizona Territorial Prison, located at Yuma, Arizona. There are some problems with this record sheet. It shows Tennessee as the state he was born in. Numerous people living in Arizona claimed that Jack Smith was born in Tuba City, Arizona and was the son of Lot Smith, leader of the Mormon Church. Several said that they lived nearby and played with him when they were children. More information is in the book that is close to being published by Jack Beale Smith. Also a great mystery is the nearest relative as being a J.H. Heeightmann of Chattanooga, Tennessee. If his family was living in Tuba City, Arizona why would he choose the name above as his nearest relative. In fact he stated to law enforcement after his capture this information saying that he was from Georgia. So at this point I am leaning that he was from Tuba City, Arizona.

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