In this recent photo from Kyle Burch it shows both abutments the one on the southeast side and the other on the northwest side of Red Bank Creek. The one on the northwest bank has been nearly covered with soil and vines. Strangely enough this abutment is undisturbed while the one on the side of Red Bank Creek has been mostly destroyed. This has become a somewhat of a mystery as to what happened to the bridge that was built there in 1859. One thing for sure it was not destroyed during the Civil War, 1861-1865 , of the one undisturbed abutment. It appears that it was dismantled very carefully and removed from the site at some point in time.

The above photo shows a notch in the rocks of the northwest abutment where the main beam of the bottom of the bridge was inserted. Note that it has been undisturbed since it was first constructed in 1859.
The third photo shows the damage that was done to the southeast abutment at the time the bridge was removed. The last photo shows Kyle Burch standing one of the blocks that was shoved in the creek to give scale to the height of the abutment on the southeast side of Red Bank Creek.
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