Beale Iron Bridges in Oklahoma 1859

This view is looking south up the creek. The metal pieces can be seen at the bottom center of the photo along the west bank of the Creek.
To the right center on the west bank there are, what looks like pieces of old metal piled up. This looks like bridge parts and may be the remains of the old Beale Iron Bridge at Red Bank Creek . Some pieces are bent some are curved one piece is shaped like the bow part of the bridge. To the left center of the photo there appears to be an abutment on the west bank of the creek. There is a pole sticking out of the water in front of the abutment which would have been used to run a cable from one side of the creek to the other. Also not pictured here, but will be posted soon is the evidence of a large construction camp that housed workers and others serving as storage sites. This site is located on the southeast bank of the river. Comments are welcome concerning this find. Jack Beale Smith
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