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Little River Bridge 1909

IMG_0092 (Small)

Another view of the 1909 bridge on the 1859 Beale Bridge abutments.  The old river channel can be seen below now dry as the river changed course in 1948. Thanks to Gene Mccluney of Fort Smith Arkansas for this discovery.  He is an expert on old bridges and abutments.  Photo by Mike Shockley of Holdenville, Oklahoma.

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This photo shows the south Beale abutment with the remains of the 1909 bridge still attached.  The mystery has been solved as to where the 1859 Beale Bridge was located across Little River in Oklahoma.  This location is a few miles south of Holdenville, Oklahoma in Hughes County.  The only reason that the 1909 bridge is still attached to the abutments is the fact that Little River changed course in 1948 creating an oxbow, leaving the bridge high and dry and isolated from seeing eyes who might want to tear it down.

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Little River Beale Bridge abutments

IMG_0105 (Small)

Remains of the Beale Bridge abutments across Little River, Oklahoma  The remains of the 1909 bridge are setting on the abutments of the 1859 Beale Bridge.  In other words When the built the 1909 bridge it was placed on these older abutments.  In previous photos as to the location of the Beale Bridge are wrong.  We were mislead by Historian Grant Foreman who was shown that location by a Mr. Bilby in 1930.  There was a low water bridge constructed there shortly after the Beale Bridge was destroyed in 1865 during the Civil War.

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